Friday, December 31, 2004

match w/ kirk

me and kirk are having a four game match and he's killing me. i've gotten beat in 46 moves (the game was over in 20) and 17 moves. the first game i played a passive Schlechter-Grünfeld and the second game i botched up the white side of a QGD. i need to pay attention and remember that he's a comfort player and i have to play aggressively. i *need* to win with black today. i wonder if he will try 1.e4 or 1.d4 today. if he does play 1.d4, i'm going to an exchange grunny with him or maybe i should try the QGA. i want to get some queenside play. maybe i'll just memorize some theory and try that. there is an interesting Botwinnik-Euwe game because i don't figure kirk will go to D29, he will play a4 stopping b5. the problem is what to play if he plays 1.e4. i want to play 1. ...e5 but the problem is that he seems to have a fascination with 3.Bc4 so i guess i can always just play my line in the two knights

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