Monday, January 10, 2005


so i went over and "analyzed" with clinton, which basically means drinking some beers and pushing the pieces around the board. when i showed him my games from the barrie tournament he was amazed at how upset i was that i missed tactics, and he was like "everyone misses some tactics". do i hold myself to too high a standard, that is impossible to live up to? that would explain why i'm never satisfied with a game. maybe i should aim for realistic expectations...i'm a 1600 player at this point. let me be happy with a 1600 result. too hard ;)

also he showed me a game he played with the Cochrane Gambit

i always thought it was garbage but is it worse than the Allgaier gambit i doubt it. and it is tricky. maybe i'll give it a second look eventually ;) plus if i do a little research i'll never get a petroff at the tournament so i figure it's a win win situation.

also i was worried that clin-ton was catching up to me, but when i saw his games i'm still significantly stronger which is important to me, because i'm trying to improve ASAP

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