Wednesday, March 23, 2005


so me and kirk are going to have an active match, 30 moves in 40 minutes, then G/15 afterwards. i'm probably going to play the caro v. him as black, or the najdorf. the problem is i don't want to throw away a game. i can get an excellent position in the caro and maybe he'll switch to 1.d4 or something ;) i think he may try and switch to the grünfeld so if he does i may try 1.c4 c6. as white i was going to play 1.e4 but i think he may either play the ...e6 sicilian or the french or something else. so i'm gonna play 1.d4. but he made some comment about playing the black side of the slav exchange, because he "didn't want to play the semi-slav or the nimzo against" me. you think he would allow the botwinnik?

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