Sunday, May 29, 2005

weren't the suns supposed to save basketball?

i like the suns, i really do. i watched them play the spurs last night and they got beaten bad. i like run and gun basketball but they really need a big man in there, or at least to move Amare to the power forward. they got physically destroyed. which is fine if you're making shots, but the spurs got every shot they wanted. their style is good to beat 95% of the teams in the league, the problem is that once you get down to the final 4, you're playing that other 5%. even the run and gun sonics or the showtime lakers played defense. they gave up a ton of layups. and they didn't even go through duncan hardly. they just busted phoenix off the dribble...not a good showing by the suns. i hope miami wins. i wanna see the shaq v. duncan ;)

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