Friday, June 10, 2005

it's hotter than a motherf***er

man it's hot...

just got back from jane's graduation...yay...never going to north bay again. i'll post pics once they're available. anyways for tomorrow i decided on 1.Nf3 because that way i can avoid the King's Indian Defense. sure, i basically avoid the Grünfeld proper and the Nimzo-Indian but you've gotta give some to take some. i bought the new audioslave cd's pretty rockin...i also got a best of the who which i haven't heard yet. as black i'm playing the Caro and the QGA. i decided on the QGA as opposed to the Nimzo because i figure if i'm consistently outmatched by 500 points or so, they may try to get me out of books as quickly as possible and i figure the colle is easier to play against than the tromp. we'll see. it should be interesting to see how the team dynamic will work. i think i may run a team tournament later on in the year. it's a cool idea. also, anderson and amy are going on a date tonight. we'll see how that turns out. i was much more excited about that than jane was...i'm excited about the idea of going on a double date.

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