Thursday, September 29, 2005

kansas city

so i just finished my open port course from Cerner and got 96% woo-hoo! the $3000+ US they spent sending me here, feeding me, etc. was allegedly worth it ;)

last night i went to a great japanese place. they had one of those grills where they cooked the food right on your table. there were 7 of us at this table. me, this girl from my class, two older people and three girls. man those three girls were like sex in the city. they were talking about having sex with all these guys and how some basketball player emailed her with a picture of herself and he was "well hung". i laughed. anyways the food was really good. i had salmon, which was a bit of a stretch. the girl i went with she had calamari. if i ever come back to KC and go there (which is a possibility, i'm going back in november) i'll try the calamari. afterwards he flicked shrimp at us and we had to try and catch it like trained seals. me and the girl i was with (she was chinese i don't even know her name, Yung maybe?) were the only two not to catch. i don't know if that means i have class, or i just have bad coordination ;)

i have decided to try the Adorjan gambit

i think the gambit's sound...look at the development advantage i have. in any case, i'm gonna try it.

i started up a refutor code on ICC the other day and i whupped up kirk good last night ;)

The season premiere of Smallville is on tonight and i am decidedly excited. me and Anderson are going to watch them once i get my Starchoice set up. i'm fired up. tomorrow i'm going back home, get there 1:30AM and then i move in with the jane that day. should be an interesting couple of months ;)


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