Thursday, November 04, 2004

trash talking

so i mentioned to kirk today that two of the main battlegrounds will likely be the ruy lopez and the french. so that got kirk thinking that i would play nothing but 1.d4 and 1.e4 e5. he claims that he would play 8 marshalls in a row as white. i don't believe him. my plan is to plan 4 games ahead, so first white will be 1.e4, second white 1.d4. first black 1.e4 c6 second black 1.e4 e5. probably i will play the nimzo v. 1.d4. not so sure about the makagonov-bondarevsky. that will probably change though. i was gonna say that the nimzo will be a battleground as well except i don't want to show my hand with regards to the nimzo. he allegedly plays the queen's gambit declined...should i try and play the botwinnik as white? i think i any case kirk will play a bunch of things he doesn't want to. he said he figured the final score would be like 8-4. i'd be happier with a higher score than that, but we'll see.

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