Monday, November 15, 2004

yay me

today i finished santasiere's The Romantic King's Gambit including entering all the annotations and analysis into chessbase. where do i go from here? i'm thinking about doing some endgame stuff. i'm really not sure though. i'll probably do a PDF. i've took a chunk out of a lot of books in 2004

  • Andrew Soltis' Rediscovering Fischer
  • Hastings 1895
  • Tal-Botwinnik
  • Samuel Reshevsky's The Art of Positional Play
  • and finally The Romantic King's Gambit

  • that's pretty good. i'm part way through the Capablanca book so maybe I'll just finish that off. I might work on Reassess Your Chess. I'm not sure...maybe I'll just go play some blitz or do CT-ART :) good night

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