Friday, November 12, 2004

white wedding

it's a nice day to...start again!!!!!!!

anyways, i've got to stay in a positive mental frame for my openings as white. i should just play the Advance French and just try to beat him. that may be what i do. i remember kirk mentioning a while ago that he had never received the tarrasch defense v. the french, but i won't go crazy. i have three choices if i play the french

  • Learn the main line of the advanced
  • Play Kupreichik's 5.Be3 and try to overprotect d4
  • Play the Milner-Barry gambit

i'm not sure which is the best choice. i'll probably just play the kupreichik variation and see how it goes. the milner-barry is an excellent idea, but i think i already have a positional advantage in the french, so why give a pawn as well? :)

kirk had mentioned that he is going through the "level 10" problems in CTART to learn the baby steps and i might as well too. better that than scoring 50% all the way through, scoring 90%, committing everything to memory then going on.

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